Promoting Creative Writing & Performance Poetry Throughout the Midwest

What is the NWC?

The Nebraska Writers Collective is a non-profit 501(c)3 that promotes creative writing and performance poetry throughout the Midwest. We put accomplished poets and writers in classrooms, bring inspiring creative people to the area, and organize major festivals like Louder Than a Bomb: Omaha.
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How Can the NWC Help Me?

If you are an educator or business leader the NWC can benefit your organization. Talk to us about our popular Writers on Loan workshop, bring Louder Than a Bomb: Omaha to your school, or find out what our Seven Doctors Project professional outreach program can do for your employees.
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How Can I Help the NWC?

If you understand the importance of writing, please work with us to bring the gift of that knowledge to as many people as possible. We need volunteers to help us plan and run events, and donors who are willing to put their money where our mouths are. (Namely, in front of students, teaching them how to write and perform.)
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