Spark Wheel Press

Founded in 2011 by Omaha writers and poets Jen Lambert and Liz Kay, Spark Wheel Press is a nationally known and recognized small press publishing exceptional volumes of contemporary poetry.

Our current list of titles includes The Royal Nonesuch, by Steven D. Schroeder, winner of the 2014 Devil’s Kitchen Reading Award; The Unpainted Shore, by C. Dylan Bassett; Rooms for Rent in the Burning City, by Brandon Courtney; and Tongue Screw, by Heather Derr-Smith.

Spark Wheel Press also curates burntdistrict, a bi-annual poetry magazine which boasts contributors and readers from across the country and around the world. In joining with the NWC, Spark Wheel Press is excited to bring this excellence and expertise back to the community with the creation of burnt books, an imprint that will focus on local community publications like The History of a Day, a hardcover collection of art by Omaha local, Bill Hoover, blended with poems, short stories, and a play by area writers.

You can learn more at the Spark Wheel Press website.