Louder than a Bomb: Great Plains

The Largest, Loudest Youth Poetry Festival in the Midwest

The Nebraska Writers Collective believes that everyone has stories worth sharing, and LTAB helps middle school and high school students throughout Nebraska and Iowa share them.

What is LTAB?

It’s big.

As the largest youth poetry festival in the region, LTAB brings hundreds of students from 45+ middle and high school schools together to create original performance (slam) poetry.

It’s loud.

Teams work with NWC teaching artists to write, revise, and rehearse individual and group poetry pieces that are performed in front of thousands of people in venues like the Holland Center for Performing Arts.

It’s proud.

Diverse individuals from every conceivable background come together in a safe space to find common ground. The program constantly strives to ensure equitable participation for all, and the creation of safe spaces where students can find common ground.

It’s real.

More than anything, it is about using poetry and creative self-expression to forge a community that amplifies all voices.

LTAB is not a typical once-and-done writing workshop. Students receive 50-100+ hours of mentoring over eight months to achieve true mastery of the art of performance poetry. They create original, personal work and have dozens of opportunities to share it with members of their community. And they do all of this in inclusive, welcoming spaces packed with peers who root just as hard for members of other teams as they do for their own.

“LTAB has quite literally led me to my passion. My college choice, My major, my plans and goals for the future all stem from this after school club I decided to pick up on a whim. The people and coaches and community changed my life and gave me a platform to express myself in a healthy and positive way. I don't know what I would have done without it.”

- Bianca Swift, Omaha Burke