Writers’ Block Brings Poetry to Prisons

January 9, 2016

NWC Expanding Work in Nebraska Prisons!

The NWC is proud to be doing more work in prisons thanks to amazing work by Core Teaching Artist Nicholas Bell. Nicholas talks about his work here:

“Today at the women’s prison, some of the inmates told us about their plans to begin a newsletter/newspaper. They asked if we could help. They’d done their research and created a proposal and spoke on the different avenues they might take to make their idea become a reality. They spoke about community and sisterhood. I asked if there’d be a poetry column, and of course they said yes. Absolutely.

“I wish the general public could see some of the things prisoners are doing on the inside. Their dedication to better themselves inside an iron house that doesn’t provide many different means of true rehabilitation unless one of the employees (like lovely Shar) within the prison is fighting for and helping them to attain the means.

“After our discussion we told them that we have their back. That whatever help we can offer we will. And though I was tired on the drive home, today was again and always will be worth my time spent. I am learning so much. Big ups to Gina for joining us. It was so great to hear your poem and write to your prompt.”